Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Duration, Size and Color of YouTube Annotations

With today's text we will finish our series on basic rules for YouTube annotations.

Duration: Annotations should only be displayed for the amount of time needed to read them. Showing annotations for any longer period of time could be distracting to the user and perceived as annoying. In most cases 5-7 seconds is sufficient for the viewer to read annotations.

Size: Try to make your annotations small so that they block as little of the video as possible. Annotations that take up all or most of the video area should be avoided.

Color: Vibrant fill colors such as red, yellow, blue, orange and pink are likely to be eye-catching, to distract viewers and to create a feeling of clutter. Use these types of colors only when annotations need to be the center attention. In all other cases muted colors (transparent, semi-transparent, gray, white and black) work best.

Length of text: Keep your annotations as short as possible so viewers will be able to read them at a glance and get back to watching the video.

Writing in ALL CAPS: Using every word in capital letters may be considered as loud or rude by some viewers.

Number of annotations: Use the fewest number of annotations in a video at any given time. Try not to show more than two at a time.

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