Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Weekly Interviews with the MISIANS

We are very happy with the weekly Interviews. You have showed great support and enthusiasm and a lot of you have already participated. 

We think that it is a great way to get to get to know you and put a "face" on your shop - plus it will help your sales.

We would like to announce that coming next week there will be openings for new interviews, so if youa re interested please contact us in any way you want so that we can schedule you in.

You can do that by:

Simply commenting in this thread
Replying in this blog post with a comment
Contacting any member of the MISI team on the forums
By email to MISI

Fabulous Fridays Interviews:

Diva Glitz

Pauline's Passions

Wombling Way


The Baby Bakery

Indigo Aana


  1. Morning Misi team- I am a fairly new MISI user, but have been really impressed with how it works for my business. Would love to have an interview at some point if you have spaces left.

    Best wishes,
    Shelly Terry


  2. Hello, there im new to Misi but already a huge,epic fan! Ive faved and followed you on all social medias. I may be too late but please can I have an interview, with MISI?.My sister and I make bespoke wedding and bridal items at bespokevintagecastle under Vintageellie ! Please let me know thanks Lizze :)

  3. Yes please, i wold love to do an interview :-)
    Rachel (glamglass gifts)