Monday, 11 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 43 Days ~ 8 DIY Gift Bag Ideas

One of the best ways you can add a special, personal touch to a gift is by wrapping your creation to a  handcrafted gift bag.

Whether you buy some premade bags from an artist, or decide to try your hand at making some yourself,  holiday bags are a great way to make your packages extra special.

1. Small Christmas Gift Bags

These cute DIY small Christmas gift bags are just right for a gift card or other small gift item this Christmas. And they are sort of addicting to make. And did I mention quick and easy? Read more

2. Vintage Christmas Cones

This kids Christmas craft shows you how to make small cones and embellish them with vintage images from paper print outs or fabric. Read more

3. Snowman Gift Bag

Warm your spirits and enjoy the gift of giving with this perfect Snowman Gift Bag. Read more

4. Candy Cane Gift Bag

This fun homemade gift bag can be filled with plain paper as a decoration or with candy or cookies to give as a present! Read more

5. Ribbon-Tied Cone Bag for Nuts

A cone-shape bag gets a merry fix-up with a sheer ribbon tie and a little do-dad accent. Read more

6. Laced Ribbon Gift Bag

For a charming package, lace ribbon through slits you've made along the flap of the bag.

7. Button Gift Bag

Adorn two buttons on a small paper bag for cheery, inexpensive packaging. Read more

8. Classic Christmas Stocking Bag

Give the recipient a miniature stocking filled with small but thoughtful gifts that will help make the recipient's Christmas special


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