Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 27 Days ~ 9 Holiday Snowman Ornaments Ideas

Don't wait for a snowy day to have some wintertime fun! It's always a good idea to fill your Christmas tree with snowman ornaments.

We garthered for you 9 Snowman Ornamets from a lot of things, including buttons, bottle caps, pom-poms, flowers and so on. No matter which one you make, these snowman crafts are sure to melt your heart during the Christmas season.


1. Bottle Cap Snowman 

These cute bottle cap snowmen ornaments are very inexpensive to make and easy enough that your kiddos can make them with you. Read more

2. DIY Snowman Tree Ornament

Here's a fun little project that the whole family can participate in. Make a bunch of snowman ornaments and your tree will be beautiful! Read more

3. Snowman Thumbprint Christmas Tag

The little Snowman is so festive for the holiday season! You could attach it to gifts or as an ornament to your Christmas tree. Read more

4. Glove turned Snowman!

You could completely omit the sewing with glue and this becomes a very do-able kid project for the weekend. Read more

5. Snowman Toilet Paper Roll

This is a very cheap and easy craft for the kids to do! You can add anything extra, be creative! Read more

6. Polyfoam Balls Snowman

This is a quick craft and it is suitable for kids with a little help and guidance from adult. Read more

7. Snowman with Chrysanthemums

We are offering you this lovely snowman craft idea as perfect highlight of your home and tree decoration for the holidays. Read more

8. Cute Sock Snowman

Welcome these cheerful, easy-to-make snowman figures into your home for the holidays -- don't worry, they won't melt! Read more

9. Heart-Shape Snowman

This heart-shape ornament will give your Christmas tree a quaint homespun feel. Read more

Happy Holidays!


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