Monday, 4 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 52 Days ~ 7 DIY Projects With Christmas Lights

What is it about Christmas lights that make a space so energized and magical? Using string lights creates an atmosphere that we just cannot help but to be in and around.

They can be used to decorate for the holiday season, but they can also stay up all year round if they fit in with your decor. Lights can be added to just about any bedroom in the house, from the master bedroom, to a guest room, or even a dorm room.

Need some inspiration for your Christmas lights? We gathered for you 7 Easy & Fun DIY Projects with Christmas Lights. Enjoy!

1. Bottles Full of Light

We loved the idea of bottled light! These would be pretty by a wintery window or under an entry table. The gold paint makes the bottom of the bottles look misty and glow-y, even during the daytime. Read more

2. Dixie Cup Garland

Cuteness alert coming right at you, but how fun is this little DIY project? Except of Christmas decoration , this garland would be absolutely fabulous for a bridal shower or an outdoor wedding. Read more

3. Rope Light Strand

This is a wonderful creation and the best part about it is that it looks both stylish and elegant, while almost anyone can get one done with no fuss at all. Read more

4. Firefly Christmas Lights

These are so easy to make! You can use it as an event (baby shower, wedding, etc) or Holiday decor or maybe on the Christmas tree? -garland & lights in one! Read more

5. Brightly Lit Birdhouse

This luminary birdhouse makes a great nightstand fixture in a shabby-chic master bedroom or cottage-style guest room. Read more

6. Star Lights

These are basically diffusers that are placed onto your existing Christmas lights to change the look and feel of your Christmas tree. Read more

7. Heart Lights

Christmas lights can be added to just about any bedroom in your home to create a magical and cozy ambiance.

Do you have any fun Christmas decorations or DIY ideas to share?


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