Monday, 2 December 2013

10 Top Craft Room Organization Ideas

Dealing with a mess of tangled ribbons, loose buttons and spilled glitter can take the fun out of any craft project. To avoid this scenario, make a plan to keep your craft room organized and stick to it.

Whether you have a room in your home devoted to your hobbies or not, you can get your supplies organized. If you don't have a separate room set aside for creative pursuits, consider sectioning off part of a room to keep your crafts in one spot instead of scattered throughout your home.

Here are the 10 best organizing ideas for your craft room we found around the Web.

1. Buckets & Hooks

Mix and match buckets, wire baskets and hooks to create any combination of storage solutions. Plus it’s CUTE. source

2. Organizing in a Suitcase

Small luggage pieces become fun when used as crafts storage and can easily be tucked away when not in use. Read more

3. Eco-Friendly Organization

Beautify empty yogurt cups, juice containers, and cereal boxes by covering them with scrapbook paper, then convert them into organizing bins for an assortment of craft supplies. source

4. Mason Jar Twine Holders

If you need a way to organize your ever growing collection of baker's twine. try this easy DIY project. Read more

5. Vintage Wall

To keep your sterling chains from knotting, wrap them around vintage wooden spools. source

6. Egg Crate Storage

Use a glass egg as an adorable way to hold little supplies like glitter and beads. Cute, isn’t it? Read more

7. Muffin Tins Come in Handy

Use muffin tins to store small craft supplies. Add magnets to the bottom to keep your metal objects in place. source

8. Glitter and Salt Shakers

Keep glitter from falling everywhere by storing it in salt and pepper shakers. source

9. Everyday Inspiration Board

Changes your inspiration board regularly for a constant flow of fresh ideas. source

10. DIY Craft Tote

Created from old fence boards and wine crate, this tote is easy to carry from room to room yet good looking enough to leave out! Read more

Happy Crafting!


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