Wednesday, 4 December 2013

How to Make Good Indoor Photos

In order to share all of your wonderful crafts with others (and hopefully sell them) you need to know how to photograph crafts for online posting. A good craft photograph can make all the difference in whether or not your craft sells or is ignored.

In this series of posts we'll give you valuable guidelines for making quality photos.


The very first step in photographing your crafts is picking the location to photograph them. There are a couple of places you should never take craft photographs:

  • Never photograph your crafts on your bed (unless of course you are photographing a quilt) 
  • Never photograph your crafts with a cluttered background (no curious cats, random yarn, or dinner plates please) 
  • Never photograph your crafts in the dark

Now, on to where you should photograph your crafts:

  • Photograph your crafts in a well-lit area 
  • Photograph your crafts with a plain contrasting background (white for dark crafts, black or brown for light crafts)


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