Tuesday, 17 December 2013

How to Engage your Facebook Fans ~ Part 8

Are you looking for new ways to engage your Facebook fans?
Do your current Facebook engagement tactics need a little more flare?
Your visibility in the news feed depends on engagement like never before.
If your page is experiencing a drop in engagement, using different post types and making a few content adjustments can bump it back up.

#18: Try Uploading Video to Facebook

Video is becoming increasingly important to brands that are looking to engage with their audience.
Earlier this year, Socialbakers found that post updates with videos uploaded directly to Facebook received 40% higher engagement than posts that linked to a video on YouTube.
Experiment with where you upload your videos, and if there’s a difference in engagement levels when you post them in an update, you’ll know where to make the change.

#19: Update Your About Page

An incomplete or out-of-date About page can leave prospective and even existing fans with the impression that something’s not quite right. When that happens, their engagement will begin to drop.
Revisit your About page often to make any needed changes like adding a new email address, product updates or a life event.


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