Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Reasons to be Blogging if You’re Selling Online

Selling your handmade creations online is getting harder these days. As more and more crafters focus to ecommerce, the competition is growing.

One easy way to break out from the pack is with a blog.

Why a blog?

An ecommerce blog can really make a difference if it’s done right. That means keeping it updated, keeping it fresh, and posting interesting and relevant material that your customers want.
Luckily, it’s easy to get one started. Using WordPress, the most popular and free blogging platform, is as simple as a few mouse clicks. 

How can a blog help your online store? Here’s some ways it can have an impact


It’s no surprise (at least to me) that a blog can help with your search engine rankings. Google loves updated content. They also love content that is written in a way to be appealing to living, breathing humans.

As Google’s search system evolves, it’s gone beyond measuring keywords and links. It’s now looking at how well a web page will resonate with readers. Does it contain information people want to find? Is it being shared at places like Facebook and Twitter?

A blog fits this mold perfectly. You write a title for a post that appeals to your customers. The content is about a single theme and is relevant. Google realizes this and gives your blog post a higher ranking for the topic you wrote about.

BUT, make sure each blog post is focused and contains words and phrases related to your product line/ industry. The more focused, the better it will rank with the search engines.

2. Connect with customers

Although people buy products based on price and ease of ordering, they also will buy from a shop they know and trust. 

One powerful way to make a connection with your customers is through your blog. Personalize your company. Show them that you are more than a store with handmade products.

Speak to them (and with them) through your blog so they see you as a source of knowledge and understanding. This type of connection can create a customer for life.

source: misi.co.uk


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