Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: 20 Days ~ 11 DIY Holiday Garlands

There's no better way to create an instant festive welcome at home by draping a beautifully decorated Christmas garland over the bannisters in your entrance hall.

1. Feather Ornament Garland

Feathers are a fashionable trend today, why not make a piece of them – your home would be stylish and unusual. Read more

2. Pine Cone Garland

This garland couldn't possible be cheaper to make. I mean, seriously, you can just go find some pine cones in your backyard and you're all set! Plus, you can spray on some fake snow or silver spray to make it sparkle a bit. Read more

3. Christmas Nature Garland

The Christmas nature garland is just so simple to make and looks stunning. You can feel the festive season right around the corner! Read more

4. Crochet Pennant Garland

Trie to make a garland with yarn! These would be Adorable on the mantle for Christmas strung from stocking to stocking. Read more

5. Fall Leaves Garland 

This beautifull garland is very simple. All you have to do is cut some leaves, stitch them, make some knots and Enjoy yur leaves! Hang it in a doorway or on a bed frame. Read more

6. Snowflake Garland

To make this sweet and pretty garland you need 3 things : paper doilies, string and scissors. Read more

7. Recycled New Year's Garland

For this project you could use  a few different colored bags or wrapping paper. If you want to make more Christmassy use metallic gold and silver colors. Read more

8. Fruit Garland

Spruce up any mantel with this fresh garland made of greenery and seasonal fruits. Read more

9. Greeting-Card Garland with Gift Wrap Clothespins

Save scraps of holiday gift wrap, and put them to work in a festive greeting-card display. Read more

10. Ornament Garland

Who said ornaments had to go in trees? String together leftover ornaments—or pick up some new ones—to make this beautiful holiday garland. Read more

11. Snowball Garland

What’s more kindergarteny than cotton balls and string? This simple DIY snowball garland took only a little bit of skill and a little bit of time to make. Read more

Happy Crafting!


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