Tuesday, 24 December 2013

3 Keys to Being a Successful Craft Seller

The world of selling crafts can be so competitive. Especially in the online universe where it is so easy to set up a shop and sell your wares. So, what are some keys to becoming a successful business person?

1. Be professional.  In order to be considered seriously, you must look at yourself as being serious.  You are now a professional crafter. Say that to yourself a time or two. “I am a professional crafter.” And when someone asks what you do for a living, respond, “I craft, professionally.”  Actually believe it. Of course there are other tidbits involved when being a professional (like conduct, dress, etc.), but the first key is to believe that you are, indeed, a professional.

2. Quality products.  I don’t think that I can stress this one nearly enough.  People are willing to wait for a surprisingly long time to receive a quality product.  Crafting something that will withstand the test of time is far more important than crafting enough to sell to the entire state of Rhode Island. Besides, good quality products often serve as advertisement all on their own!

3. Persist.  Like I said, it is a super competitive market out there. So many people are selling the same things.  Either have a super unique craft, a craft that not everyone and their grandmother makes, or continue persisting and outlast everyone else!  Build your loyal fan base, and continue building on it, loyalties CAN and several times DO change.


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