Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: 19 Days ~ Holiday Gift Ideas for a Crafter

Holiday shopping season is here and you still haven't buy anything for your beloved ones... Relax!
We gathered for you the most special and wonderful handmade gifts to give them to your lovely friends and family. 

Today we present you 4 lists of gifts that we believe would be gorgeous gifts for crafters and artists.. Crafters and DIYers appreciate more the gifts that are used to create other things. We gathered Supplies, Tools, Accessories, Kits and Patterns

Hopefully you can find a gift for every crafter on your shopping list, and maybe even one for yourself.

1. Fish Hook Earwires £1.20 

2. Polymer Clay Beads £10.00

3. Lambswool £5.99

4. Organic Cotton Yarn £4.50

5. Ceramic Leaves £3.99

1. Jewellers Tool Kit Briefcase £99.00

2. Craft Jewellery Kit £20.00

3. Knitting Needle bag £4.99

4. Plastic Lacemaking Bobbins £3.95

5. Tiny Adjustable Spanner £1.95

5. Knitting Ninja £8.50

1. Sidney the Snowman Pattern £18.00

2. Reversible Shopper Bag £16.00

3. Needle Felting Taster Kit £8.00

4. Retro Batik Fabric £4.30

5. Millinery Course  £12.00

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Happy Shopping!



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