Friday, 1 November 2013

#4 Facebook Tips: Improve your Facebook Engagement

Are you looking for fun ways to get your Facebook fans engaged?

Wondering how other pages are developing their posts to increase likes, shares and comments?

1. Crowdsource Photo Captions

Photo caption posts combine the allure of photos with people’s love of interacting with brands they identify with.

Think about the emotion you want to trigger and choose an image that makes participating irresistible. Upload your image and write a short description that invites fans to provide a caption.

In keeping with their core 125-year-old brand, National Geographic posts the world’s best photos from experts and amateurs alike. They interact with their Facebook fans by asking for captions. This one post had over 250,000 interactions.

Tips for photo captions on Facebook:

Use inspiring, provocative or humorous images for captioning.
To add a boost to your photo caption engagement, offer an incentive through a photo caption contest.

2. Gather Votes With Like vs. Share
Ask your fans to like a post to vote for option A, or share the post to vote for option B. Because vote counts are visible, fans are motivated to participate.

Walmart frequently uses the like vs. share post with a mashup of two competing images and a small graphic overlay of a like vs. share icon. They post the full image with a brief description that tells fans how to participate.

Tips for like vs. share posts on Facebook:

Use controversial choices that evoke strong emotions within your community.
Integrate your product or brand in the posts.
Use digital image editing applications like Photoshop, Photofiltre or to create your image with a graphic overlay that shares simple participation instructions.

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