Friday, 1 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 55 Days ~ How to Make 3-D Cards

It's always a pleasure to receive a handmade Christmas card. Making your own Christmas cards will keep you in touch with far flung friends and family. So why not creating even more special cards like this amazing 3-D?

As this Christmas card opens, a 3-D tree made from pleated paper rectangles pops out, like a small gift. Although it can be glued into any size greeting, it is especially attractive in a tall, slender card that mimics a pine tree's natural dimensions.


Card stock or blank store-bought cards
Art paper
Bone folder
Fine brush
Star-shaped hole punch (optional)


1. Fold a piece of card stock in half or use a blank store-bought card. Cut art paper into rectangles of graduated lengths and widths (adding about 1/4 inch to widths and 1 to 2 inches to lengths).

2. Pleat each rectangle accordion-style, making same-size folds in each; score folds with a bone folder. Open card, and center rectangles in spine of card. Glue down end folds to form a pop-up tree that expands as you open card.

3. To make the "bucket" that holds the tree, fold another paper rectangle into four accordion folds. Glue end folds on either side of card's spine.

4. If you wish, use a star-shape hole punch to make a star for top of tree. Fold star at the center, and glue both sides to card.

Happy Crafting!

And If you don't feel crafty, check out these amazing Handmade Christmas Cards from MISI!


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