Thursday, 14 November 2013

#6 Facebook Tips: Fun Way To Improve Your Engagement ~ Games 2

This is the second part of last week's Facebook Engagement Tips with social games.

Do you need to increase the visibility of your Facebook page posts?

Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly create engagement on your Facebook page?

In this article, you’ll discover four ways you can create better engagement on your Facebook page using social game.

#3: Name Your Life’s Feature Film

Games that help your community get to know each other are awesome for engagement and relationship-building on Facebook. In this game, your fans name a movie that reflects their business or life.

The answers will help fans forge closer relationships with one another.

How the game works.

Ask the question: “If your life/business was a (movie/book/song), which one would it be?”

Remember to kick-start the conversation by answering the question yourself and invite your followers to share the thread so that more people can participate.

#4: Tell the Story

Have you ever read one of those books where you choose what happens next? This game is kind of like that. One of the best things you can do on Facebook is to harness the power of storytelling. Involve your fans in the storytelling to make them the stars in your brand’s show.

Use this simple social game to co-create a story with your followers. Not only does this game result in a fun and engaging story, but you’ll also get to know some new fans on your page.

How the game works.

Create a graphic that shares the first sentence in the story and outlines the instructions for participating in the game. You’ll also place the first sentence in the description.

It’s a great idea to post a follow-up status update to share the story as it evolves. This not only increases participation; it also lets you restore the story if Facebook mixes up the order of comments.

Things to keep in mind when you run social games on Facebook.
Make sure your pictures are clear, attention-grabbing and preferably square. I recommend making your images the optimal timeline size of 403 x 403 pixels or larger. You can actually size your images up to a maximum of 2048 x 2048 pixels, so when people click the image, it takes up the whole window.
Include the game instructions and any rules in the post description, not just on the image.
Keep the instructions simple for people to follow so they don’t balk at participating.
Kick-start the process yourself to encourage others to participate or tip off some avid fans to help you get the process going.
Round up some willing fans to help initiate the comments.
If your post is getting great engagement, consider boosting the post to further increase engagement and visibility.
Creating engagement for your Facebook page doesn’t have to be time-intensive, complicated or cost you a lot of money.

With a little imagination and a sense of fun, you can use one of these games or come up with one of your own to encourage participation from your fans so they’ll see more of your posts in their news feed.

What do you think? Have you played social games on your page’s timeline? What were the results? What ideas for games can you share? Leave a comment below.

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