Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 34 Days ~ 8 DIY Christmas Advent Calendars for Kids

Christmas advent calendars are not only so much fun to make but create a family tradition that your kids will remember for years to come. 

So here are 8 of the best DIY Christmas Advent and Christmas Count Down Calendars with free tutorials and pictured instructions so you can easily make them at home and for your kid's room.

1. Knock-Off Ballard Designs Advent Pillow

You can use a felt gingerbread man, or a candy cane, a small Christmas cookie cutter, whatever you like. Read more

2. Cute elves Advent Calendar

Create a whimsical gang of elves to help you count your way through Advent.  Read more

3. Small Village Calendar

Here is a village of small houses with retro prints, filling in secret surprises to wait dwarves before the arrival of Santa Claus. Read more

4. Paper Bag Advent Calendar

This Christmas craft tutorial shows you how to make a simple advent calender using brown paper bags, string and pegs. Read more

5. Santa Calendar

This is the "What are you looking forward to about Christmas?" Santa. you have to ask one question each morning and your kids will know it's something you like to do. Read more

6. Santa Beard Countdown

Say hello to a less-hairy Santa. But don't worry, he won't be beardless for long because every day during the month of December, you will be adding a cotton ball to his face to form a fluffy, white beard! Read more

7. Woodland Christmas Calendar

This is endlessly customizable! Set up a barn scene with pigs and cows, or create a garden with tiny animals and flowers. Read more

8. Tree Houses Christmas Calendar

The gold and black design really pops when it’s backlit with Christmas lights. Plus you can make tiny houses for small treats (gum, hair clips) and larger ones to accommodate bigger items like coloring books. Read more

Happy Holidays!


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