Friday, 1 November 2013

New Feature: How To Guides from our Crafters

As you know, promoting your online shop is a complicated and difficult process that needs constant attention and efforts. 

We decided to add a new feature to MISI: How To Guides from our members.

Its is s great way to showcase your amazing creations, bring more people to your shop and of course increase your sales.

What you'll need to do is pretty simple actually. Next time you are going to craft something:
  • Make a list of all the necessary materials / ingredients.
  • Take pictures of the process and the steps you take.
  • Describe in a few words what you do in each step.
- There are plenty examples on our blog. It is filled with diy guides and tutorials. It can be a guide about anything you would like to showcase.

Then you can send us the pictures and the descriptions - you can write everything in a word document and email it to us, or just write a simple email, we will properly showcase your How To guide on our blog, forums and all of MISI's social media. The guide will of course be connected to your online shop thus generating traffic for your shop.

It will also be a great chance to share your crafting methods with everyone and start conversations with other crafters and/or buyers regarding handmade creations and techniques.

Check the thread--> How To Guides.


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