Wednesday, 20 November 2013

You Voted: What is the Best Christmas Gift that you Have Ever Received

Christmas is not that far away and that means that soon it's gifts giving time!

Truly offering a gift, doesn't only make the receiver happy but it gives joy to the one who gives the gift.

Last week we asked you what is the best Christmas gift that you have ever received:

And you answered:

It's great to see that the best gifts in most cases weren't products but gathering with friends & family and other experiences.

Let's take a look at some answers of yours:

"Hi, I think the best gift I have ever had, was a tiny package that I was given by a work colleague and told not to open it until after Xmas dinner, in it was an after eight mint, a teabag a ciggie and a sachet of alka seltzer! A small note telling me to enjoy the after dinner mint, then sit back and enjoy a cuppa and a smoke .... the alka seltzer were for later after the rich food and wine etc. Made me smile and made my day, I was about 21 at the time (over 25 yrs ago) and I still remember how I felt opening that."

"That's really hard, but I think I would have to go for my hubby making Santa footprints for me in the hallway, really made my morning." 

"getting toys when I was a child" - noone can argue with that! In Christmas, kids have it best!

"the best Christmas gift ever was discovering I was pregnant in Dec 2012 after top consultants told me I'd never have a baby without help, however that was the best news ever and in quick succession there were 3 children over the following couple of years. The next best was the Christmas tin of Twiglets my Grandma would send me each year after I left England." 

"Giving birth to my son on Boxing Day 12 years ago at home, the most wonderful experience." 

We wish everyone this Christmas to receive and give the most amazing gifts, and don't forget to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones.


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