Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas Countdown: 36 Days ~ 6 DIY Paper Ornaments

Paper is the great material for homemade Christmas tree ornaments. With all these different papers available you can come up with something really cool and creative. From paper you can make flowers, ice creams, animals and a lot of other things that could easily find a place on your Christmas tree.

We’ve gathered together our favorite DIY ornaments to add to your decorations this year, because without ornaments… your Tannenbaum is just a pine tree.

Enjoy these 6 tutorials!

1. Ice-cream Ornaments

Are you having trouble adjusting to the thought of winter? These ice cream cones are made from tissue paper and a grocery bag. Read more

2. Painted Animal Ornaments

If you want to make a unique tree with handmade decorations that suit you and your wee house, then these non-typical Christmas Ornaments are the right choice. Read more

3. Heart Ornaments

Big, happy (and economical) hearts for your tree and if you are like us, you have some great paper waiting for this project. Read more

4. Silver Star Ornaments

Cut thin strips of newspaper or from a book page. Loop each strip until you have enough to form a circle; hot-glue together in the center. Add glittery chipboard stars in the middle for subtle shine.  source

5. 3-D Flower Ball Ornaments

These colorful ornaments made of interlocking flowers look complex but are actually very easy to make.  Read more

6. Sheet Music Christmas Ornaments

Let plain, transparent ornament balls sing by stuffing them with sheet music from your favorite Christmas carols. It's simple and cheap to make these joyful ornaments. Read more


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