Wednesday, 27 November 2013

DIY Glitter Holiday Party Hats

This is a great idea for a DIY for all party and holiday occasions. Grab your materials and let's get started!

Supply List:
Paper Mache Cone (Purchased at a local craft store)
Mod Podge (In the finish of your choice! There are so many options)
Paint brush
Tinsel Garland
Headband (Or ribbon/elastic if you prefer)
Hot Glue Gun
To Make:
Cover your paper mache cone with an even coating of Mod Podge. Work quickly, you don’t want any of it to dry.

Immediately cover in glitter. Shake off excess. Be sure to put down a piece of wax paper before you do this so you can easily funnel your leftover glitter back into it’s jar. Let dry completely.

Once dry, it’s time to seal your glitter so you aren’t covered in it every time you wear the hat! Paint another layer of Mod Podge right over your glitter. Let dry completely. It will turn clear.

NOTE! If you aren’t using a headband, see below before doing this step. Cut a piece of tinsel the same length as the circumference of your hat.Carefully use hot glue to attach it to the bottom of your hat. Then cut a small piece of tinsel and hot glue it to the top of your hat.

If you’re using a headband, you can get fancy or keep it simple. Hold in place until it sets. If you want to cover up the inside you can glue a circle of cardstock to the bottom of the hat, then sandwich the headband between that and another circle of cardstock. If you’re forgoing the headband all together, use an awl to poke two holes in your hat and slip a ribbon or elastic through. Secure with a knot and then cover with tinsel as outlined above.

Put your hat on and get your jingle on!

Source: Studiodiy


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