Thursday, 21 November 2013

DIY Christmas Project: Sugarplum Garland

This is so beautiful project of making a sugarplum garland, ideal for your Christmas decoration.

Inspired by the fruity honey-drizzled fragrance of Air Wick’s Honey Sugarplum fragrance and the look of traditional cranberry garlands, this garland is all about bringing that touch of sweetness to your holiday decor. Made from wooden beads that are painted and glittered to resemble sugarplums, the end result is sparkly, glitzy and crazy pretty! Bonus – this is also a super simple project to tackle, albeit one that can take a bit of time depending on the desired length of your garland.

1/2″ diameter wooden beads (I used 96 for my 4′ garland)
Purple spray paint
Purple glitter (mine is Sugar Plum by Martha Stewart Crafts)
Small paint brush
Mod Podge
Fishing line

Read instructions on The Sweetest Occasion.

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  1. I never put up many Christmas decorations, but maybe this year I'll make an effort :-)

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