Wednesday, 6 November 2013

You Voted: Mobile Phones & Tablets for Internet and Online Shopping

How much time per day do you spend on the mobile world? Do you prefer using mobile devices for your online shopping needs?

Every day more and more studies spring up regarding the use of smartphones and tablets and they all conclude that their use for online shopping is growing rapidly day by day.

Mobile users can't leave their phone alone for six minutes and check it up to 150 times a day.

  • People make, receive or avoid 22 phone calls every day and send or receive messages 23 times a day.
  • Setting the alarm, playing games, changing songs, taking pictures and plugging and unplugging phone all added to phone views.
  • Mobile shopping is going to be the new norm and soon replacing the traditional "manual" shopping.

Last week we conducted a poll regarding the use of smartphones & tablets for internet and online shopping and the results underline these changes:

44% of our members voted that they always use their smartphones & tablets for internet and online shopping and 33% often. So in total a shy 80% is using their mobile devices almost daily.

A smartphone undoubtedly is the gadget that many of us would feel lost without. And so dependent are we on our mobile phones that we check them every six-and-a-half minutes, research suggests.

Looking at their phone is the first thing many people do each day – as they use its alarm function – and it's also the last.

In between, phones are used to check the internet and read emails, shop online as well as to make calls and send texts.

All this can't but have a tremendous effect on online shopping and shopping in general.

Smartphones are changing the retail landscape. They help us research, compare, and purchase products not just online, but also in stores. In fact, 84% of smartphone shoppers use their phones while in a physical store.

With the help of the all mighty search engines and online price comparison websites, one can easily find the true value of the item he wishes to purchase and of course the cheapest place to get it from.

That's why more and more people start realising the power that internet offers them and the significant amount of money that they can save with proper prior market research.

There is no doubt that the online world is changing, it's shifting. Mobile devices are taking over the reigns of traditional shopping. They will become the predominant form of shopping in the near future and no one can deny that. We need to hop on the fast moving train and follow the rapidly changing trends. Insightful businesses, companies and shop owners feel the change coming and they are already investing more and more in the mobile world.

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